Listen to what our customers have to say.

"Thanks for the impromptu visit into the kids bathroom and helping me come up with a possible solutions. Do you have any thoughts yet on who I might contact to resolve this? Darrell thought he might be able to paint for us in the next couple weeks and I was hoping to get a head start on the repair.

Again thanks for meeting Darrell and the sales rep from Sherwin Williams regarding our porch and patio. I really appreciate it. That’s one of the many reason’s we love C Roy Homes!"

-Teresa Barnhart

"With a growing family, we just needed more room. We had tried to visualize a layout for our basement that would work for all of us. C. Roy Homes came up with a layout that was very functional for entertaining our children as well as our friends. We love our new space!"
-The Morelands

"We had lived in our home for 10 years before we contacted C. Roy Homes to finish the basement. We had planned on creating a play area for our grandchildren, but when we were shown the quality craftsmanship that C. Roy homes had to offer we decided to make our new space our own little get away. Now the kids have the loft, and we have our new favorite place to unwind. Why didn't we do this sooner?"
-The Whites

"With both of us working, we thought it would be very difficult to manage any project at our home. C. Roy Homes did a fantastic job, and made our few small projects very simple to accomplish."
-The Powers

"We called C. Roy Homes for substantial repairs to the interior of our home. We left on a family vacation, and instead of worrying on the progress of work we were updated with pictures of the project! The craftsmanship is great, and we are extremely happy with the extra steps taken to ensure our home, and our peace of mind, were priorities."
-The Hudsons